Any adult (mostly gay males) could find themselves wearing these tees.
If you’re the kinda person who doesn’t give a fuck what others think,
you can appreciate the humor and attitude of these graphics.

Wondering what to wear this weekend?
Try these on for size! (Sm-3X).
Our graphic tees get the message across.

Daddy's, boys, bears, otters, chubs, cubs, queens, queers, pups and all
will find something that says something of what they’re about.

Comfort, quality and style are as essential as cost.
Having that fun special shirt you can wear to the store... well, maybe...
or to an event, party bar or club.
Something that fits within your social circle but lets you stand out.

And for bears and otters, there's been limited choices in graphic Tees
other than a paw print or something with WOOF! slapped on it.
We offer something ‘smarter’, sassier, and clever.